Love makes the startup world go round.

This is a slightly edited repost of a blog post I made in July of 2007

So, startups are hard, scary, and statistically doomed to fail or underperform. But what is it that makes the experience worth while whether you succeed or fail financially? What is it that gives you the best chance at success? Well, it’s LOVE!

Here’s the lovingly way to approach your startup venture, whether it’s been started-up or not.

Love yourself, it’s contagious.

Love yourself. So I say the most important thing is to love yourself. You have to go in positively, confidently, with personal conviction and drive, and with an outlook that you’re doing this for you and not for any external reasons like fame and wealth. When you love yourself it saves your mental health, it draws in other people, employees, customers, investors, and it keeps you focused while getting bombarded with everybody’s 2 cents.

People are your greatest asset.

Love people. At the end of the day it’s people who are going to keep you growing strong. Your partners, employees, investors, bankers, attorneys, and customers. People want to be loved. Love people and you set yourself up to be loved. Do it through positive interactions, through compliments and gestures, through bonuses and team bonding. Every small way you can find to love people the more you will get in return. And the most important part to loving people... be sincere.

Keep loving technology, it’s what got us started in the first place.

Love technology. We’re talking tech ventures here. Find a technology, application, or problem you love. Use the technology, create the application, or solve the problem. Create a product or service that you adore. If you love what you do, if you love what your offering is, and if you love the technology you will stave off burn out and increase your longevity. If you build a product you love, it gives your customers a chance to love it to. Why would I use your product or service if you, the creator, don’t love it yourself?

Love your startup, but do not deprive the rest of your life.

Love life. So while this is at the end, this is definitely not the least important aspect. Why do we start startups? Why do we embark on these venture adventures? It’s because we love it and want to find a fulfillment out of it. It’s because we want a better quality of life. It’s because we want to make a positive mark. While on the roller coaster, remember to love life. Keep perspective on yourself, on your family and friends, and on the world at large.

Remember this list often for some perspective. Maybe write down the things that are important to you, work related or not. Look at this list and your list at least once a month. It’s so easy to get sucked into the startup world that it can be hard to see that you’ve sacrificed too much... too much because you forgot about the things you do love and the things you should love.