Continuous delivery of value.

Continuous delivery of value.

At iSnap we have a strong core value of innovative product development. It's something I am very passionate about as I believe all aspects of the business extend from a desirable product.

iSnap has a catalog of hardware products, data analytics professional services, and software subscription tools.

I want to talk a little about our software subscription tools as a representation of what all SaaS businesses are about.

SaaS - software that is delivered as a service with some sort of recurring fee - means two things:

  1. Your revenue stream is directly tied to the long term relationships you build with customers. Aka loyalty.
  2. Software and markets evolve and change and you must deliver new value to customers on a continual basis.
  3. [There is probably more, but that's not my focus of this article]

I believe that for software delivered as a service, technology teams must embrace continuous delivery to be effective in today's technology landscape.

Continuous delivery moves development teams beyond continuous integration and automated testing. It empowers developers to push bug fixes and enhancements, safely and reliably at any time. It means that not only is source code moving forward with many commits every day, but that the the application deployment deliverables are moving forward and being validated in lock step.

With the right toolchain, policy, and devops people that means you can be like iSnap, and push new code to production every day. For us, that means that we deliver new business value every day so we can earn and keep strong relationships with our customers.

This post isn't meant to dive into the software lifecycle tool particulars, maybe another day. I simply want to encourage you to put the continuous delivery infrastructure so that every day you can delight customers with new, tangible value. Even Facebook, with it's huge scale and complexity, can push updates to production twice a day!